To Manel Gibert.

From a hospital bed to the grave. Directly and silently. Just like a pariah or an outcast. However, Manel had friends, those who were sorry for his fading away, and right now cry his irremediable loss.

He was a lovable outsider. Some laughed at him because of his voluntary rejection of human mediocrity and shallowness. He was an Anarchist by persuasion, a convinced movie maniac who, for 40 years, gave his support to local cinema. He could be either the usher, or the ticket seller or the projectionist with the same enthusiasm as he could put up posters or move heavy movie rolls. And yes, all these things might have been carried out by anybody else who would not give a damn for the silver screen but he just did them.

Mr Manel Givert was a founder member of cinema associacions, was an assistant in movie shootings, brought about the early 12 Hores festival, took part in the Semana del Nuevo Cine Español, as well as he organised school projections and other movie events. He was always there, ready to do anything he was asked or needed for. He advised, taught and even educated people in all kind of movie connected issues. So, we will always keep his frame in our memory. We hail you Manel.Therefore, from now on, as a sign of praise and admiration, the Audience Prize to the Feature Film of the Festival will be called after him: Premi Manel Gibert – Manel Gibert Price.

In memoriam

Molins 2015 |