We are ready to announce the first titles that will feature in the official section for the upcoming 34th edition of the festival. To start out, we have two familiar faces who have already been in several festivals devoted to the fantastic and horror genres throughout 2015; we are referring to the Russian film III and the North American The House on Pine Street. On the other hand, we can announce the Mexican Luna de Miel (Honeymoon) which in spite of being published in our country so far, has won rave reviews from other movie festivals worldwide.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to provide further information about the 2015 programme that  is coming full of excellent movies and big surprises.

III directed by Pavel Khvaleev

Ayia and Mirra are desperately upset when theycannot do anything to help their mother, who ends up dying, victim of a deadly disease It is just after burying their deceased mother that Mirra gets infected with the same aggressive illness. Therefore, Ayia desperately appeals for Father Herman’s help to heal her sister. Thus, the young woman will come across an ancient book where she can learn how a shaman ritual might heal whichever disease. In order to carry out the ritual, she will have to get deeply inside Mirra’s mind. That is the place where our darkest thoughts and our most terrible fears hide.

The House on Pine Street directed by Aaron Keeling and Austin Keeling

Jennifer and her husband have just moved to their homeland, Kansas. From the beginning, Jennifer starts feeling that something strange and paranormal is going on in their new home. Since such phenomena only take place when she is alone, neither her husband or her mum believe her at all. She’s just having a difficult pregnancy, they say. So, here is the question: is the house really haunted, or is Jennifer’s imagination playing tricks on her?

Luna de Miel (Honeymoon) directed by Diego Cohen

Jorge is a lonely man who can only live obsessed with Isabel, his longed-for neighbour. He will do everything he can to call her attention and get her off her feet; at last he realises that traditional pursuing methods do not prove as effective as they are expected to be on the young woman. Then, Jorge decides to make a step beyond and starts putting into practice much more persuasive and harmful methods…

Primeras películas confirmadas para Molins 2015

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