The last few weeks we have been announcing some of the films in the feature films official selection of the Festival’s 34th edition (III directed by Pavel Khvaleev, The House on Pine Street directed by Aaron Keeling and Austin Keeling and Luna de Miel (Honeymoon) directed by Diego Cohen). Now it‘s time to reveal the rest of the programming, all of them will aim for the best film.


The setting is a post-apocalyptic future, water is a scarce good and a single law rules the world: The law of the jungle. The Kid is a young man who has grown up alone in a tough and cruel world mainly with the inspiration of a vintage comic as well as other past-times objects which have become his particular obsession. Together with some colleagues that he will find along the way, he will fight against Zeus and his wild pack, the self-proclaimed rulers of the land.


Lincoln is a victim of uninterrupted mobbing at high school. when he gets into trouble with one of his classmates, he is sent to a boot camp. However, he never imagined that he would find a girl’s ghost who had been a mobbing victim too and who is furiously needing revenge.


After a terrible car crash in which their mum was killed, Rachel and Anna decided to move to the city and leave their past behind. Years later, they get a message from their father and decide to go back to their hometown… once in the house where they were born, they see that everything is different… a strange and dark presence is going to creep up on them.


Séverine has recursive dreams where she meets a mysterious man. When she falls in love with him, she decides to break her current relationship to seek a new life. However, her loving boyfriend does not want her to go. With a perfect stranger’s help he makes a master plan to keep his darling Séverine next to him… unfortunately, thoughts are simpler than facts…art spreading all over her body, soon she will realize that the trip was a big mistake.


Jill has a fixation with her weight, and sharing a flat with a gorgeous and successful woman like Jennifer is no help at all. As time goes by, Jill’s urge to become like her flatmate will become harder and harder until it becomes as obsessive as dangerous.


A group or archeologists from northern Canada are bound to make a discovery that can change humanity’s destiny for ever. They have found some totally unknown remains of a civilization that lived more than ten thousand years ago. The team must decide how to report on their finding, but soon they will realize that they are completely alone in the middle of nowhere. There is something strange that seems to be creeping up on the team.


When the night train has to stop dead because there is something blocking the railway, the passage start to feel upset, especially when they notice something creeping up on them from the outside… They will have to stay together if they want to survive the attacks of the strange creature.


A couple with their newborn child have just moved to a small house in the middle of the forest. They will soon realize that the deep woodland surrounding them hides a dark secret that will threaten their lives. Struggle for survival has just begun.


After losing their son, a broken-hearted family decide to start life from scratch in a new home. However, the chosen house where they should reset their lives carries a long time curse. Every 30 years, the people who settle down in the house must be sacrificed for the sake of the house itself, otherwise an ancient evil will creep up on the whole village.


A bunch of friends go up to a far away hut in the forest that belongs to the uncle of one of them. The weekend is promising with party and booze, but the plans will soon be broken by some kind of two meter tall human-rabbit who is thirsty for sex and blood. Get ready for a madness of sex, blood and the weirdest moments.



Molins 2015 |