Less than a month to the official beginning of the long-awaited 2015 34th Molins Horror Film Festival, which starts the 10th of November, and the day of this year’s edition first side event, we present to you with a quick review of the previous edition through two videos that summarize Festival’s best and the Official Feature Film Selection 2014.



Festival 2014 video recap


Official Selection 2014


Melies d’Argent: Ghost Train

Last year was the first in which the Festival became part of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation who, among other things, is responsible for the awarding of the prestigious Meliés Awards. MolinsHorror had the honor of granting the Melies d’Argent to the short film Ghost Train by Lee Cronin. Here you can see the trailer:


Audience Award: Tuck me in

To round off this overview of the 2014 edition we offer you the complete brilliant short flm Tuck me in, by Ignacio F. Rodo, that won the Audience Award.
Enjoy this interesting piece of only one single minute:



Programacio TerrorMolins 2014

FEATURE FILMS: Asmodexia (Marc Carreté), Autumn Blood (Markus Blunder), Berkshire County (Audrey Cummings), Closer to God (Billy Senese), Exists (Eduardo Sánchez), I Survived a Zombie Holocaust (Guy Pigden), Julia (Matthew A. Brown), Let Us Prey (Brian O’Malley), Living Dark (David Hunt), Phobia (Rory Douglas Abel), Starry Eyes (Kevin Kolsch y Dennis Widmyer), Suburban Gothic (Richard Bates Jr.), The Man in the Orange Jacket (Aki Karapetian), Rabia (David Cronemberg), El Cuarto Hombre (Paul Verhoeven), El destripador de Nueva York (Lucio Fulci), La Sonrisa del Lobo (Javier Perea), Incidente (Mariano Cattaneo), El Día Trajo la Oscuridad (Martin Desalvo).
SHORT FILMS: Don’t Move (Anthony Melton), Zehn Sekunden Himmel (Tobias Schönenberg), Service (Jerry Pile), Canis (Anna Solanas y Marc Riba), Le Hérisson de Verre (Jean-Sébastien Bernard), I Am Monster (Shannon Lark y Lori Boweny), Tin & Tina (Rubin Stein), This Neighborhood (Jerry Ochoa), Peine de Mort (Julien de Volte), She (Chelsey Burdon y Mark Vessey), Cólera (Aritz Moreno), Ghost Train (Lee Cronin), Piano (Cho Young-Jun), Tuck Me In (Ignacio F. Rodo), Job Interview (Julia Walter), Tanatopraxia (Víctor Palacios), Ponerse al día (Pep Bonet), Rostbif (Jordi Castejón).

Remembering the Molinshorror 2014

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