We present the IV Molinshorror Photo Contest by Terrorweekend.com in collaborarion with Molins Horror Film Festival.

– ¿Want to win a full pass (including 12h) for the next edition (MolinsHorror 2016)?
– With Terrorweekend.com you can.
– The most horrifying photo will be awarded. (Halloween, Festival, Zombie Walk, etc.).
– Pictures from any type of camera are accepted (camera, smartphone, GoPro, etc.).
– Send ad many as you want.

– ¿How do I participate? Simple, there are 3 ways:

1 – Post the photo on you Facebook mentioning o tagging TerrorWeekendcom

2 – Post the photo on you Twitter mentioning @terror_weekend and with the hashtag #TerrorMolins

3 – Post the photo on you Instagram mentioning @terrorweekend and with the hashtag #TerrorMolins

– El concurso se dará por finalizado cuando acabe el Festival.
– TerrorWeekend.com se reserva el derecho de modificar las bases si lo cree necesario.


IV Molinshorror Phtot Contest

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