Yesterday took place screening of The Hollow One european premiere at the 34th Molins Horror Film Festival with the presence of the film’s lead actress, Kate Alden, at the La Peni Theatre of Molins de Rei.

TheHollowOnePremiere 2
With a good number of public assisting to the screening after 10pm, the awaited movie was introduced on stage by its leading actress and associate producer Kate Alden, on her first visit to our Festival. Directed by Nathan Hendrickson, The Hollow One was produced in the United States by Compulsion Films and Abundant Productions and filmed in the surroundings of Washington.
The film was in the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and the Seattle International Film Festival and yesterday had its European premiere at Molinshorror.
TheHollowOnePremiere video

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Year: 2015
Length: 100 min.
Country: Unites States
Director: Nathan Hendrickson
Screenplay: Nathan Hendrickson
Music: Nathan Grigg, Brian Pamintuan
Cinematography: Connor Hair
Cast: Kate Alden, Jesse James, Chelsea Farthing, Tony Doupe, Tonya Skoog, Simon Hamlin, Russell Hodgkinson, Scott C. Brown, Anissa Davis, Richard Carmen
Production Co.: Compulsion Films / Abundant Productions

After a terrible car crash in which their mum was killed, Rachel and Anna decided to move to the city and leave their past behind. Years later, they get a message from their father and decide to go back to their hometown… once in the house where they were born, they see that everything is different… a strange and dark presence is going to creep up on them.

The Hollow One European premiere

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