This has not been a usual edition of the Molins Horror Film Festival. It has happened too much to consider it a standard type of edition.

That’s why we want to specially thank the great work of many people, organizations and shops that have made it possible to round a few days in which the poetry of horror and the magic of cinema have been celebrated.

A week of horror cinema that started with the greatest of illusions: to conduct a session devoted to children who received a response that surpassed expectations, as present children aged between 6 and 12 years gave us an unforgettable evening, where anticipation, curiosity, respect and admiration were admirably coordinated.

This edition has had a strong presence in horror specialized media and in the general press, radio and television all around the country, but this hope and optimism received a jolt when in the final stretch of the Festival we witnessed how, once again, reality surpassed fiction.

None of the films that we have projected these days can compete with the real horror, that which really scares and terrorizes, and this year we lived this dichotomy very close, it has shaken us and has caused that the festive atmosphere of our Festival acquired an air of sadness and surprise that we would never again want to experience.

But life goes on and the Festival too, which is why we want you to continue traveling with us for this very nice path that takes us to The Olympus.

Meanwhile, we assure you that we will not stop working without losing any of the passion that characterizes us to strengthen Molins de Rei as a cinematographic model of our country.

Thank you very much with all my heart and long life to MolinsHorror.

Albert Galera

Molins Horror Film Festival Artistic Director

Acknowledgements 2015

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