Cobertura radios TerrorMolins 2015

Today we want to make a quick review to the radio coverage made of this 34th Molins Horror Film Festival by the radio stations.


We sincerely thank, of course, the radio stations for their press coverage of the MolinsHorror 2015 and we want to express your gratitude for their information about the Festival and for giving us the chance to talk to their listeners about our event. We stand up for the radios as a noble media living its best moment nowadays in our country.


From the interviews made to Roger Sàbat, Festival Coordinator, at Ràdio Sant Boi and Ràdio Sant Vicenç to the one made to Albert Galera, Festival’s Artistic Director, at the radio show La Finestra Indiscreta de Catalunya Ràdio. Also, from the tickets raffle at Tot és possible of RAC1 to the mentions about the Festival at 14-15, from RAC1 too, and at the news reports from Catalunya Informació.


Special mention to Ràdio Molins which, supporting a characteristic local event of Molins de Rei as ours, interviewed David Izquierdo (President of the Festival), Roger Sàbat, Albert Galera and Diego Cohen, director of the movie ‘Luna de miel‘ screened on the Official Selection.


This 34th edition has been a complete success and that has partially been without doubt thanks to the radios, that is why we end up thanking again the radio stations for support given to MolinsHorror and calling you all upon to attend the next edition of the Molins Horror Film Festival, which will be focused on mutations. ¡Long live the Festival!

MolinsHorror 2015 radio coverage

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