Lovers of fear and horror like us are in luck. Last month Cadena SER radio station added to its program grid Negra y Criminal, a radio show broadcasted on Saturday night from 02:30 to 4:00am where fear, suspense, intrigue and crime are the main characters.

Hosted by Mona León Siminiani, the show focuses on adaptation of novels and stories of radio fiction, a real wonder with exquisite technical production. Voices like Nancho Novo, Luis Callejo, Hovik Keuchkerian or Teresa Soria have broadcasted until today stories such as The king of the forest by John Connolly or The Trial for murder by Charles Dickens, a little theater in the radio waves.

Do not forget that a 30th of October 1938, 12 million of American individuals listened to Orson Welles on the radio broadcasting The War of the worlds by H.G. Wells. That turned out in complete chaos as a lot of listeners were not able to separate fiction from reality and believed to be attending live to a real alien invasion of Planet Earth.

Negra y criminal

We strongly recommend that you enjoy the programs broadcasted until today, you can do it on the program’s web page in the La ficción section.

The show will thresh the elements of fear, different aspects that structure fear itself. The evil inside fiction or the ancestral fear to storms are some of the topics that specialized guests like the journalist Jesús Palacios and the anthropologist José Luis Cardero will talk about.

In another of the sections from the show, based on real facts, criminal cases will be analyzed by journalists, accompanied by actor performing the stories on the radio. Cases like the one of Chikalito, one of the most dangerous serial killers in the history of Russia, or the case of a José Gascón Fonollosa, a psychopath from Barcelona of the 80s, will be explored in detail by journalists like Carlos Quilez or Mónica González Álvarez.

Cinema has also a great importance in Negra y Criminal, in its section we can listen to the most terrifying scenes of the horror cinema history and also to case studies about topics like the unknown, revenge or Hannibal Lecter.

Inside Death capsules we will discover in one minute surprising facts about different ways to die, decapitation, being stroke by lighting, falling to the void… ¿horrifying, isn’t it?

Negra y criminal

All fans of writing have to opportunity to participate en a contest where they will have 200 words to prove their abilities and aspire to have their stories published. You can submit your own story to the contest webpage. In this section you can listen to stories from the participants wonderfully read out loud.

Night owls can mark in bloody red the day and time in their calendars and the rest of you can always download the shot at the Negra y Criminal webpage or via podcast in the main platforms like iTunes.

Negra y Criminal, horror via radio waves

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