From the Festival we want to congratulate Vial of Delicatessens, a firm specialized in underground cinema, for making A Serbian Film finally available in Spain in a limited DVD edition featuring an uncut version of the film.

A serbian film

The film was screened at 2013’s edition of the Molins Horror Film Festival after its projection had been banned from the 2010 edition, being replaced by the brilliant Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs. After the controversial screening at the Festival Internacional de Sitges, the Confederación Católica de Padres de Alumnos (CONCAPA) claiming to act on behalf of minors filed a lawsuit against the exhibition of the film and a local court banned the exhibition of Srdjan Spasojevic’s film at La Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de San Sebastián. As a result, the court were concerned about whether the film constituted a crime punishable under Article 189 of the Criminal Code on sexual freedom. This affected the projection of the film scheduled at the 12 Hours Horror Marathon of Molins Horror Film Festival.

The film takes place in Serbia where the retired porn star Milos is married to his beloved wife Marija. They have a little son, Peter, who is their pride and joy. The family are facing financial difficulties, but out of the blue, Milos is contacted by the porn actress Lejla that offers him a job opportunity in an art film. Milos is introduced to the director Vukmir who offers him a millionaire contract for his presence in a film. Although Milos is never shown the screenplay and does not know the plot, he signs the contract after discussing the offer with Marija. Soon he finds out that Vukmis and his crew are involved in sick snuff films on pedophilia, necrophilia and torture but there is no way back for him and maybe it is too late for him to protect his family.

It was not until 2013 that, in the edition of MolinsHorror devoted to censorship, our audience could finally watch A serbian Film as a part of the retrospectives section of the Festival. The film directed by Srdjan Spasojevic has been banned in dozens of countries by its violent and sexual content, and was X-rated in Spain.

A serbian film

The edition of the brave guys from Vial of Delicatessens includes a short “Behind the Scenes” focused on one of the most controversial sequences of the film. The issue consists of 500 copies for exclusive sale at the company’s website as its rating prevents the film from being sold in supermarkets or having a conventional distribution via VOD platforms.

Vial of Delicatessens is defined as “a label specialized on Underground, experimental, avant-garde, Trash, B Series, Z Series, popular and all other variants DVD films” and its catalog includes movies with titles as descriptive as Orgía Sádica (Sadistic Orgy), El enterrador y sus colegas (The Undertaker and His Friends), Los perversos rostros de Victor Israel (Victor Israel’s Perverse Faces), Lesbo Killer Dolls or Lentejuelas de sangre (Blood Sequins) among others.

A serbian film and Vial of Delicatessens

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