Once again the Festival presents a different spot surprising and innovative created by cinematographer Paco Ruiz. A fascinating look into this year’s edition leitmotiv: mutations.

Being different makes us unique

Three days after the publication of the spot’s teaser, we finally present you with the complete MolinsHorror 2016 official spot by Paco Ruiz and with Dani Andreu as the actor. Both worked together in the 2006 edition’s spot and now, ten years later, the reunite for the spot of the 35th MolinsHorror, which was filmed in different locations form Molins de Rei.

captura spot terrormolins 2016

Around this year’s leitmotiv the Molins Horror Film Festival 2016 pays tribute to The Fly movie by David Cronenberg, which premiered in 1986 and celebrates this year its thirtieth anniversary. Paco has united all that concepts along with MolinsHorror’s differential characteristics using his natural talent to create the official spot we are here proudly presenting.

Enjoy MolinsHorror 2016 official spot:

MolinsHorror 2016 Spot

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