We Go On is one of those modest movies made by a really small production team that conjoins great ideas with very effective performances. The premise in which the film is set forth is fascinating and Clark Freeman’s performance is so impressive that the attention is focused on the screen from start to end.

We go on

The film has been in a number of festivals; moreover word of mouth along with the several awards obtained in some of these festivals has put the film in the spotlight of independent horror cinema.

Our motto “Being different makes us unique” perfectly suits the protagonist, desperate Miles Grissom, whose ideas and behaviors are far from common ground.

we go on

Original Title: We Go On
Year: 2016
Timing: 89 min
Nationality: USA
Director: Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton
Screen play: Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton
Music: Andy Mitton
Photography: Jeffrey Waldron
Cast: David Bickford, Justin Carpenter, Norio Chalico, Jay Dunn, Cassidy Freeman, Clark Freeman, Edwin Garcia II, John Glover, Laura Heisler, Clem Jeffreys, Terry Kaye, Logan Kishi, Peter Lucas, Mike Lynch, Matt McLeod, Ron McPherson

Miles Grissom lives in dread of dying. He offers an important reward to whom can show whether there is a life after death or, on the contrary, death is the real end.

We go on

We go on, by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton