The Eyes of my mother, by Nicolas Pesce

Best Film Critics Golden Award Molins Film Festival 2016 in collaboration with Blogos de Oro

Here’s one of those rarities that we like so much at the festival. One of those films where you find something special as soon as you watch them. Every year we have a love-at-first-sight feeling with one of the films we show. The Eyes of my Mother has all the elements for this to happen because Nicolas Pesce’s first work is hard to label. We want to leave our print in your mind, so we dare you to be at the festival and enjoy this great and horrific film.

The Eyes of my mother, de Nicolas Pesce

No doubt that nobody will remain indifferent with this film because it is one of the most innovative and brave horror proposals of 2016 which is getting great reviews in the specialized press.

Holidays are over for most of us, and we, at TerrorMolins, have been working throughout the summer to unveil this year’s programme. Those who lost previous posts are invited to visit our website and catch up with the titles we have discussed over the summer.

The Eyes of my mother, de Nicolas Pesce

Rue Morge – A poem about death.
The Hollywood Reporter – Unusual and engaging.
Terror Weekend – Face to face with real evil.

 The Eyes of My Mother
(2016) on IMDb

Original title: The Eyes of my Mother
Year: 2016
Timing: 76 min
Nationality: Estados Unidos
Director: Nicolas Pesce
Screenplay: Nicolas Pesce
Music: Ariel Loh
Photography: Zach Kuperstein
Cast: Kika Magalhaes, Will Brill, Diana Agostini

Francisca and her family live far away from society, in a small country house in the middle of nowhere. One day, they have a sudden and deadly visit that is going to change this innocent young girl’s life. A step forward from innocence to maturity.


The Eyes of my mother, by Nicolas Pesce

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