We are honoured to show Kristen; an independent Dutch horror film by the director and screenplay writer Mark Weistra. Moreover, we are lucky to have its international première; so join us and get ready for a horrific evening.

Fear is going to be the sensation all along, with only two actors on scene and a single setting this film has kept us in tension throughout its whole timing, of which very seldom current films can boast.

Kristen by Mark Weistra

Stay tuned with us, because although we imagine you have comfortably rested at your camping site, beach or your favourite swimming pool on holidays, TerrorMolins never stopped working, today we bring you all the titles that will be on during this year’s spooky and bloody edition.

Kristen de Mark Weistra

Remember, wherever you are, being different makes us unique.

Original title: Kristen
Year: 2015
Timing: 86 min
Nationality: Netherlands
Director: Mark Weistra
Screenplay: Mark Weistra
Music: Johan van der Voet
Fotografía: Marc Redmeijer
Cast: Terence Schreurs, Poal Cairo, Jet Pagnier, Ronald Top, Howard van Dodemont

The next morning after a party night, Kristen must hurry up and tidy the bar up to open its doors again after a while. When she is waiting for her boyfriend to park the car and come and give her a hand, she gets a strange call. Very soon, the young woman will realise that something weird is going on because that phone call is not just a joke. Alone at the bar, she will have to deal with a very special stalker.

Kristen de Mark Weistra

Kristen, by Mark Weistra