The writer’s burrow, by Kurro González

We are proud to begin our Molins Horror Film Festival with La Madriguera (The Writer’s Burrow), the debut of the director Kurro González. It is a Spanish production selected to participate in the prestigious Austin Film Fest and that will later have its european premiere at Molins de Rei with the presence of its the director and cast.



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La Madriguera is based on a real tragic event that the director uses to show how the human being can become a terrifying monster. A disturbing and inteligent film that we will screen on Friday the 11th of November.

Francisco Conde, who we have seen in films like El Triunfo or Once Upon a Time in the Western, leads the cast preforming a character in La Madriguera that will not be easy to forget.

Adriana Torrebejano is the female lead actress making her cinema debut with this film. She has worked in television series like Hospital Central, El secreto de Puente Viejo or Tierra de lobos. She has also participated in theater shows like La vida resuelta. Definetely on of the most promising spanish young talents.

The rest of the cast if formed by Cristina Castaño, known TV actress from series like La que se Avecina, Carlos Santos, actor who recently presented the film El hombre de las Mil Caras and Javier Mora, known for television series like Los Protegidos or Amar es para Siempre.
 The Writer's Burrow
(2016) on IMDb

Original title: La madriguera
Year: 2016
Length: 102 min.
Director: Kurro González
Producer: Francisco Conde
Script: Kurro González, Francisco Conde
Production designDiseño de producción: Fernando Contreras
Cinematography: Alberto Muñoz
Editing: Kurro González, Pablo Más
Sound design: Daniel Soriano
Direct sound: Leticia Argudo
Music: Luis Herrero “The youth”
Costumes: Jesús De Bina, Franzisca Febo
Production director: Estela Torres

Carlos is a successful writer who is locked up in his house; can not finish his next novel, is blocked. Due to a tragic event he has lost all inspiration. His publisher insists him to fulfill his contract. Carlos is unable to get out of this situation just by himself, and his editor decides to send him Caterina, a young assistant who knows and admires all Carlos’ work. The presence of Caterina makes Carlos to restore some order in his life, making real efforts to overcome the fears that paralyze him, carrying out routines that help him concentrate. Despite this, Carlos is still unable to leave the house; he sees on Caterina the unique opportunity to finish the novel and is not willing to lose it. Carlos starts to build the burrow, where Caterina will attempt to escape at all costs.

La Madriguera

The writer’s burrow, by Kurro González

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