Presentación TerrorMolins 2016 - Foto Visual Group Films

Last Friday, September 16th, we celebrated the presentation party of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival 2016. We were surrounded by Moritz Barcelona Beer and friends and we introduced all the new releases for the current edition of the festival to be held next November 11th-20th.

Besides presenting the films announced so far Train to Busan, The Girl With All the gifts, Downhill, The Eyes of my Mother, The Neon Demon, We Go On and Darling, the festival programmers unveiled the rest of the films selected for this outstanding edition.

Presentación TerrorMolins 2016 - Foto Visual Group Films

The jewel in the festival’s crown is La Madriguera [The Den], European première that is going to open the festival with the presence of the cast along with its director Kurro González. We are proud to introduce this Spanish production to the big audience. A great festival deserves an opening great film and La Madriguera is the perfect opening for nine days of horror.

The rest feature films in competition we introduced were Lake Bodom, Tear Me Apart, I’m not a Serial Killer, The Autopsy of Jean Doe , Kristen y Let Her Out.

Very soon we’ll announce some further films that we cannot unveil right now…

Go on reading to get further news featuring what is going to be an earth-shattering edition.



Presentación TerrorMolins 2016 - Foto Visual Group Films


Seth Brundle, or Brundlefly has turned 30 years old. The Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival is paying a more than deserved tribute to one of the great creatures of the cronnebergian New Flesh in its thirtieth anniversary. So, this year we’ll be having the cult title The Fly by David Cronnenberg with a very special screening after which we will analyse its leading paper in the modern mutations. Are you ready for a transportation? The screening is scheduled for Tuesday, November 15th at 19:00 hours.



The Festival will start out with the Spanish film La Madriguera, an European première. It is Kurro González’s first work fully shot in Almería with a screenplay written by Kurro himself along with Francisco Conde, who is also producer and main actor. Conde has a distressing and disturbing performance all through this thrilling story. The screening is scheduled for Friday, November 11th, at 22:00 hours.



Ashley C. Williams: North American actress who won the award to the best actress in the 2014 edition of TerrorMolins thanks to her outstanding performance in the film Julia (Matthew A. Brown). She is also known for he role of Lindsay in The Human Centipede (Tom Six, 2009).

Howard Gorman: Journalist and screenplay writer born in Huddersfield who has lived in Bilbao for a long time. He usually writes in genre websites like Blumhouse, Rue Morgue, Dread Central, Shock Till You Drop or Tom Holland’s Terror Time. He represents Eli Roth’s Crypt TV in Spain.

Paco Rodríguez Prieto: Movistar+’s person in charge. He has a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad de Sevilla, he also has a degree in Cinema Production at the ECAM. His artistic name is Paco Fox and at the moment he is preparing the première of his first film as a director, Cine Basura: La Peli.




On Friday, November 18th at 22:00, the film The Neon Demon will be the finishing touch of the Festival just before the 12 hour marathon to be held on Saturday, November 18th, giving an end to this year’s Festival. Directed by the controversial Nicolas Winding Refn that is going to stand out as an example of our motto for this year: Being different makes us unique. Not suitable for all the audiences, this film will bewitch you with its weird and macabre beauty.


Presentación TerrorMolins 2016 - Foto Visual Group Films


There is no doubt that the draw out and the opening and closing sessions are the most relevant changes of this 35th edition. However, we want to highlight some others:


Besides The Fly and the surprise film of the 12 Hours which we will not unveil now, there will be a further film with this year’s leitmotif. It is Roger Corman’s The Man With The X-Ray Eyes.



We are really glad to announce that the Festival, along with the Publisher Hermenaute, will issue a book on mutations in genre cinema, this year’s leitmotif. It is a coral book, coordinated by Albert Galera, with the contribution of other organisation members such as David Izquierdo, Jaume Claver, Sergi Sanmartí and Manel Calpe, along with writers and reviewers like Fausto Fernández, Quim Crusellas, Javier Rueda, Gerard Fossas, Israel Paredes, Rafael Dalmau, Jordi Puigdomènech and Albert Galera himself, with a foreword by Jasús Palacios. The book will be introduced on Thursday, November 17th, at 19:00.



Thanks to the director and friend of the Festival Miguel Ángel Font Bisier, on November 13th we will be able to enjoy a screening designed for visually and hearing impaired people. The director himself has adapted the short film Xmile with audio-descriptions, special subtitles and smell capsules which are going to make the film accessible to all kinds of people. For the first time, we will enjoy this very special session in Molins de Rei.



In collaboration with the Vic Eastern Film Nights Festival, on Sunday, November 13th, we are going to screen the film Action Jackson (Prabhu Deva, 2014).



We are especially happy to introduce this year the installation of a 25m2 marquee with an admittance of about thirty people. It is going to be at the Plaça de la Creu since November 11th till November 20th. We have programmed afternoon sessions on work days and midday and afternoon sessions on Saturdays and Sundays in which there will be the screening of a selection of short films from the official section of the Festival’s 2015 edition. We are working to generate the widest span of activities to call and attract the attention of further audiences who are not usually present in the sessions at La Peni theatre. This is a real example.



Besides the short film sessions we usually schedule for upper secondary school students, this year we have widened the offer with an activity aimed at mid secondary school students. These students will attend a lecture called Oficios del cine [Professions in Cinema] which deals with the different activities and jobs that are usually involved in the shooting of a film. The lecture will include screenings and will be delivered by professionals from the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC) [Catalan Cinema and Adiovisuals Upper School]. These sessions will take place on Thursday, November 17th at 10:00 and at 12:00.

This activity is organised along with the local public library Biblioteca Pau Vila.



Since we have planned 3 parties during the Festival (Opening, Short Film Evening, and Closing), all of the songs that will be heard were recorded in 1986, when The Fly was premièred.


Presentación TerrorMolins 2016 - Foto Visual Group Films




For the fourth time, we will be back at the Ateneu Mulei with a free admittance short film session with the screening of a selection of last year’s works along with a compilation of several spooky shorts. On the same date, there will be a further activity with horror board games in collaboration with the Club Amatent, from Sant Vicenç dels Horts. These events will be held on October 28th.

We also collaborate with the brand new board game La Criatura and we raffled some Festival bonuses among their micro-sponsors.




Once again, the Festival is going to open the short film contest in the Filmin platform. However, this time, the selected shorts for internet viewing and voting are going to be exclusively produced in Spain, regardless that some of them might also be in the Competitive Official Section 2016. The winner in this modality will win one free one-year subscription to Filmin and the publishing of their short film in DVD in collaboration with Cameo SL.




After last year’s success we will be back with the kid’s sort film session that will become a charity session. We want to raise funds for the Gueopic association who work for people with autism and socialisation problems. This time the session will be divided in two parts, one for boys and girls aged 6-9 and a second one for 10-12 year-olds.

Moreover, in collaboration with the theatre school, La Cuquera, we will screen two shorts made by their pupils. The session will be held at the La Peni Theatre on Saturday, November 12th, at 16:30.




This literature contest, organised along with Biblioteca Pau Vila, reaches the 10th edition. The awards will be announced on Saturday, November 12th, at 22:00.


The 2015 20-second Horror Video Contest was so successful that we decided to have it on this year; it can be followed on the Festival’s social network sites. Furthermore, during the 2016 Festival another contest will be back: the Instagram Picture Contest.



Another classic event of the Festival is the Networking with more than 80 attendants during the last few years. Once again, we are planning this professional session involving directors and companies.


During the weeks previous to the Festival, several restaurants promote the Festival with their gastronomic proposals including either special creations or giving cinematographic names to their meals.

In 2015, a total amount of 48 gastronomic points in Molins de Rei joined the proposal. For the 2016 edition the activity will extend to several towns of the area as well as Barcelona thanks to the Regidoria de Comerç, Consum i Turisme de Molins de Rei as well as the Consorci de Turisme del Baix Llobregat.


One more year, the two commercial unions of the village are collaborating with the Festival in order to achieve a real cinematographic atmosphere all around the streets and homes of Molins de Rei.


Next Tuesday, October 25th we are offering a screening of a selection of short films from the last edition along with a presentation of the last news of the Festival.



Presentación TerrorMolins 2016 - Foto Visual Group Films

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