The Unseen, by Geoff Redknap

We are reaching the home straight and the moment has come to announce one more film for the current edition. This time we are offering Geoff Redknap’s first work as a director. He is well known in Hollywood for his works at the special effects departments of a number of successful films like Star Trek, DeadPool or The Cabin in the Woods.

The Unseen, de Geoff Redknap

The Unseen combines sci-fi and horror to revise the story of the Invisible man. The Canadian director is offering a dark plot full of brutality and emotions and pays special attention to his trade by offering first class special effects.

We’ll be pleased to enjoy this Spanish première that has gathered great reviews from both specialised press and audiences through all the festivals in which it has been on.

The Unseen, de Geoff Redknap

Tom Holland Terror TimeIt calls up a clear horror that becomes much more terrible than Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever.

Horror Freak NewsThe special effects deserve an Oscar.

Bloody DisgustingA convincing and unconventional revision of the story of the invisible man.

 The Unseen
(2016) on IMDb

Original title: The Unseen
Year: 2016
Timing: 104 min.
Nationality: Canada
Director: Geoff Redknap
Screenplay: Geoff Redknap
Music: Harlow MacFarlane
Photography: Stephen Maier
Cast: Aden Young, Julia Sarah Stone, Ben Cotton

Bob is a victim of a strange illness that takes him away from his wife and daughter. When his daughter is involved in a kidnapping, Bob will have to go back to his village and face the raw truth. He has developed a strange illness that slowly is making him vanish. He can do everything to save his daughter and no one or nothing will be able to stop him.

The Unseen, by Geoff Redknap

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