We are delighted to deal with Jordi Masó Rahola’s short stories, he’s taken part in the TerrorMolins’ Short Story Contest for a long time. We have organised it along with the local library Biblioteca Pau Vila for the last ten years. After being awarded four times with the first prize, being finalist twice and having received two runner-up prizes, he deserves a special aknowledgement as a horror short-story writer as well as a relevant participant of our contest.

The different juries have been absolutely objective in the election of the awarded works of the Terror Molins’ Short Story Contest. Now, we want to offer a selection of the short stories that Jordi Masó Rahola has presented to our contest, which he has kindly offered for the occasion:

Addicció” [Addiction] (1st prize 2009)

L’estaca” [The Stake] (Finalist 2009)

La transformació” [The Transformation] (1s prize 2010)

Carpaccio per sopar” [Carpaccio for Dinner] (Finalist 2011)

L’hoste” [The Host] (1st Prize 2012)

Taxidèrmia” (Runner-up 2013)

A l’ast” [Roasted] (1st Prize 2014)

El repòs del soldat” [The Soldier’s Rest] (Runner-up 2015)


Jordi Masó Rahola (Granollers, 1967) has written the books Els reptes de Vladimir (Bubok, 2010), Catàleg de monstres (Marcòlic, 2012), Les mil i una (Témenos, 2015) i Polpa (Males Herbes, 2016). Most of his stories and short-stories have been awarded in different literary contests and have been published in anthologies and collective volumes. Since August 2010 he has managed the bloc La bona confitura devoted to Catalan short-stories. He is also a well known pianist who is concerned with contemporary music.

Finally, remember that the deadline to take part in the 10th Terror Molins Festival Short-story Contest 2016 is next October 2nd and we encourage you to write horror.

Short stories by Jordi Masó Rahola

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