Here’s a small jewel of independent cinema, one of those films that walk along the thin line between horror and drama which will please all kinds of audiences. When we say please, we mean that no one will be disappointed with it.

Cruel Summer, de Phillip Escott y Craig Newman

Cruel Summer is the first feature film of these two well experienced directors, who started working in the world of short films and documentaries. A firm and mesmerising début which needs only 80 minutes to shake the audience’s minds.


The film starts out with the ominous sentence that we often see in telefilms: based on real events. You are expected to think for a while as the credits appear over the initial sentence. Sometimes being different makes us unique… but there are monsters out there who are ready to destroy everything that is unique in the world too.

Cruel Summer, de Phillip Escott y Craig Newman

Arrow in the headIt gets under your skin in order to hurt you.
Bloody DisgustingHeartbreaking emotions are waiting for you.
Dread CentralNo mercy, no bridge-building, a punch on your mouth.

Original title: Cruel Summer
Year: 2016
Timing: 80 min.
Nationality: United Kingdom
Director: Phillip Escott and Craig Newman
Screenplay: Phillip Escott and Craig Newman
Music: Josef Prygodzicz
Photography: Lucas Tucknott
Cast: Richard Pawulski, Natalie Martins, Danny Miller, Reece Douglas, Grace Dixon, Gary Knowles

Danny is an autistic young boy who is going to spend a day on his own in the nature. Although they are concerned about him, his parents decide to trust him. Once he is on his own, he is ready to enjoy the landscape without any interference… at least that’s what he thinks. A group of furious young people who are seeking revenge for several reasons are looking for him.

Cruel Summer, by Phillip Escott y Craig Newman