K-Shop, by Dan Pringle

In an edition full of first works, a film like this one is a must. Here we are with K-Shop by Dan Pringle. It is a masterly portrait of the filthiest face of our society and a direct criticism against hate and racism.

Year after year, new directors surprise us with films like this one; these directors deserve a praise that, unfortunately, they very often do not receive.

K-Shop, de Dan Pringle

Regarding the film… everybody knows the saying the says that «food is not a toy», after watching K-Shop, we think that most people in the audience will think twice before going to a kebab shop again.

HorrortalkK-Shop is a ball-breaking horror film.
ukhorrorsceneK-Shop fun and incredibly dark and I think that this is because of its verisimilitude.
brutalashellAn incredibly stunning début.

K-Shop, de Dan Pringle
(2016) on IMDb

Original title: K-shop
Year: 2016
Timing: 120 min.
Nationality: United Kingdom
Director: Dan Pringle
Screenplay: Dan Pringle
Music: Nina Humphreys
Photography: Chris Fergusson
Cast: Ziad Abaza, Reece Noi, Ewen MacIntosh, Scot Williams, Sean Pogmore, Duncan Meadows

Salah owns with his father a kebab shop, in the middle of a busy street where every night young people meet to drink. Salah’s father gets involved in a terrible accident. From now on he will have to deal with the shop on his own. Night after night he will have to endure a bizarre parade of xenophobic and drunk characters; in the end, Salah will have to decide whether he had to put an end to the situation of go on enduring tall kinds of vexations.


K-Shop, by Dan Pringle

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