Room Escape Cuenta Atrás en TerrorMolins

During the current edition of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, Cuenta Atrás will be with us offering a unique experience. Its two distinctive features make it a specially suitable for either companies or home experience. Before explaining them, we encourage you to take part in one of the three Room Escape sessions that Cuenta Atrás will be bringing to the Molins Horror Festival. The three sessions will be held on November 13th, and only 21 people will be lucky to enjoy this horror tainted experience ready made for the occasion.


If you want to take part in it, send an e-mail to before October 31st, with the following subject line: ‘Room Escape Molins’. The message must include your personal data: name and surname, e-mail, phone number and ID/Passport number. Moreover, the winners will also have the chance to see the three films that are going to be screened on November 13th at the Festival.


Cuenta Atrás, takes the company or personal Room Escape experience wherever you want

Room Escape Cuenta Atrás en TerrorMolins


An experience that goes wherever you want

Cuenta Atrás is not offering a fixed place Room Escape; instead, it goes wherever you want. It is suitable for either home events of companies at their own offices or at the desired place. Cuenta Atrás takes the Room Escape and adapts it to the desired space with the atmosphere, sound, etc. turning any place into a real escape experience.


An intense and personalised Teambuilding for companies

Recently, Cuenta Atrás has become especially attractive for companies. Besides taking the experience at customer demand, the Room Escape experience can be customised according to the company’s objectives. Therefore, Cuenta Atrás adapt their standard story to the area, products and plot according to the company’s preferences. Recently, the Cuenta Atrás team organised the experiencia personalizada para la, for the Professional Football League, in which a group of players who had been at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games had the chance to live a complete Room Escape set on Olympic sports. This is just an example of the many possibilities the experience has for any company.


Single group or multiple group in competition format

The Cuenta Atrás’ experience can involve one or more participating groups using it simultaneously. This way, several teams can either be in competence doing the same Room Escape together, or do it one after the other.

Room Escape Cuenta Atrás en TerrorMolins

The objective of Cuenta Atrás is offering all the possibilities, different formats and the maximum flexibility. This way one can find a custom experience either at home or at the company. They can always have the common elements of a Room Escape: an exciting story, limited time to go out of the closed space and a clear mission to complete in the established time. Thereafter, everything is possible.


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Now, the Countdown is on!

Cuenta Atrás Escape Room at Molins Horror Games

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