Enjoy the video-chronicle of the fifth day of the Molins Horror Film Festival courtesy of Aved Producciones.

We started with the screening of The Fly by David Cronenberg; after the presentation of the film by the Festival’s Artistic Director, Albert Galera, we have enjoyed one of the most famous classics of cinema as it should always be seen.

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Afterwards we offered you the dinner with conference about mutations, hosted by Albert Galera, for which we had the forensic psychologist Bernat-Noel Tiffon and the producer, filmmaker and film critic Javi Rueda. The conference has been an interesting travel through mutations, the leitmotiv of the Festival.

TerrorMolins día 5 foto de Visual Group

The main course of the night did not let anyone down. The Wailing has gathered in out theatre the fans of the best asiatic horror cinema. Presented by Angel Sala, director of the Sitges Film Festival, The Wailing is an incredible “tour de force” that catches the public from its begining, in a trip that will take you down to hell.

TerrorMolins día 5 foto de Visual Group

For additional information visit the fifth day chronicle at terrorweekend, official press websita of the Festival.

TerrorMolins dia 5

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