Enjoy the video-chronicle of the sixth day of the Molins Horror Film Festival courtesy of Aved Producciones.

We have enjoyed a doble doble session in a day of pure horror cinema for those fans who love marathonian sessions.

The team responsible of Cruel Summer has been represented at Molins by the lead actress of the film Natalie Martins and the directors of the movie Phillip Escott and Craig Newman. They have presented the film to the expectant audience.

TerrorMolins día 6 foto de Visual Group

Afterwards was the moment for one of the most desired film for the public, Under The Shadow, which competes to win an Oscar as foreign language film. The audience was not deceived and the film was the perfect closure for the first double session.

After the break, the team of Tear Me Apart, the director Alex Lightman and the screenwriter Tom Kerevan, presented their film offering to our audience a speech in Spanish that was loudly celebrated by the audience.

TerrorMolins día 6 foto de Visual Group

The closure of the day was for the film Lake Bodom, a slasher for the lovers of most hardcore horror. Quoting one of our programmers, Omar Parra, “a typical finish horror film.”

For additional information visit the sixth day chronicle at terrorweekend, official press website of the Festival.

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