Enjoy the video-chronicle of the seventh day of the Molins Horror Film Festival courtesy of Aved Producciones.

On the morning we have offered the Session for High Schools with a chat from ESCAC as a part of the project Aula de Cinema. Daniel Agudo has talked to the young one at the theatre about the Jobs related to Cinema. Students from Institut Bernat el Ferrer de Molins de Rei, Institut Lluís de Requesens de Molins de Rei, Col·legi Manyanet de Molins de Rei, Escola Thau de Sant Cugat, Institut Arraona de Sabadell, Col·legi Virolai de Molins de Rei and Pla de Transició al Treball de Molins de Rei have assisted.

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We started the evening screening Darling, written and directed by Mickey Keating. The film was produced last year by the production companies Glass Eye Pix and Alexander Groupe. We must emphasize that the actress Sean Young is part of the cast – all audiences remember her outstanding performance as Rachel in Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner. Futhermore, a great Lauren Ashley Carter plays the main role.


After the first screening we presented the Festival’s first official book thanks to the collaboration with the editor Hermenaute: PUEDE SER CONTAGIOSO. LAS MUTACIONES EN EL CINE DE GÉNERO (IT MAY BE INFECTIOUS. MUTATIONS IN GENRE CINEMA). A thorough review of the diverse mutant instances created by the genre cinema since its beginnings until now.

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This book has been put together by the festival’s art director, Albert Galera, as a result of a collective analysis written by twelve specialized authors with a foreword by the well known Jesús Palacios.

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Finally we have offered you a double session with The eyes of my mother and K-Shop. Nicolas Pesce’s first work as a director, The eyes of my mother, is hard to label. One of the most innovative and brave horror proposals of 2016 that confirmed the great reviews received by the specialized press.

K-Shop has closed the day presented by its director Dan Pringle, the producer Adam J. Merrifield and the lead actor Ziad Abaza. A masterly portrait of the filthiest face of our society and a direct criticism against hate and racism that has changed us all the concept we had on the so extended kebabs.

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For additional information visit the seventh day chronicle at terrorweekend, official press website of the Festival.

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