The film I am not a serial killer, that got at our Molins Horror Film Festival the Best Movie, Best Director for Billy O’Brien and Best Actor Award for Max Records, has presented a new poster to promote its arrival at United Kingdom cinemas the next 9th of December thanks to Bulldog Film Distribution and Wildcard Distribution.

With our best wishes for the film in its British premiere we leave you with the new poster:

I am not a serial killer, nuevo poster

Original title: I Am Not a Serial Killer
Year: 2016
Timing: 104 min.
Nationality: Ireland
Director: Billy O’Brien
Screenplay: Christopher Hyde, Billy O’Brien (Novel: Dan Wells)
Music: Adrian Johnston
Photography: Robbie Ryan
Cast: Max Records, Christopher Lloyd, Laura Fraser, Karl Geary, Bruce Bohne, Matt Roy, Morgan Rysso, Ryan J. Gilmer, William Todd-Jones, Tim Russell, Joel Thingvall, Lucy Lawton, Molly Gearen, Sally-Anne Hunt, Emmylou Barden

John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records) is a dangerous 16 year old boy, and he knows it. He is obsessed with serial killers, but he doesn’t want to become one of them. He tries to control his terrible and fascinating impulses, so he lives under strict rules for his own safety and for the safety of those around him. When a real monster comes to the city, he must allow his dark site to come out in order to protect it. However, without his rules, he can be more dangerous than the beast he intends to kill.

I am not a serial killer, new poster

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