The Gaumont production company has acquired the rights to make a remake in English of Train to Busan, the blockbuster from South Korea about zombies on a train that will reach Spanish cinemas the next 5th of January 2017 thanks to A contracorriente Films.

After breaking box office records with more than 80 millions earned, Hollywood needed that this money-making film was added to its filmography and they have been smart enough to wait until Train to Busan completed its travel through European film festivals to acquire the film.

“We have been after this remake since Cannes Film Festival, where our team loved the film. We are very happy to star working in an American adaptation that will mark our entrance in English language film industry from Los Angeles.”, said Sidonie Dumas, director of Gaumont, in a press note.

It is a real pity that Hollywood has decided to take over the first live-action project of Yeon Sang-Ho, known for his work on animation in films like The Fake or The King of Pigs. But it is not surprising as the same happened with the [REC] movie from Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, which was transformed into Quarentine. For the sake of Train to Busan we hope it does not follow the same path as [REC], in doing so the film would loose its Asian style. That is what makes the film different along with its attention to Korea’s social problems. Without that distinction the remake would not be as good as the original, let’s have faith and celebrate that the TerrorMolins 2016 Audience Award reaches Hollywood.

Original Title: Busanhaeng
Year: 2016
Timing: 118 min
Country: South Corea
Director: Yeon Sang-Ho
Screenplay: Yeon Sang-Ho
Music: Jang Young-gyu
Photography: Lee Hyung-deok
Cast: Kim Soo-ahn, Dong-seok Ma, Yoo Gong, Woo-sik Choi

Although Sok-woo doesn’t feel like visiting his former wife, Soo-ahn, his daughter, persuades him to take the high-speed train and go visiting her mum. Unexpectedly, they share the train with a very special passenger. A zombie infection has risen in the Seoul stations where they took the train and one of the infected is traveling along in the same train. Struggle for survival will start out in the wagons.

Train to Busan

Train to Busan will have a Hollywood remake

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