The short film Rewind by filmmaker Rubén Pérez Barrera was the winner of the Filmin Award of Molins Horror 2016. Amongst the five short films selected, Rewind has been the most voted for the public in the 9 days that the short films have been able to screen and vote at Filmin, which has registered more than 800 votes for the selected short films.


With Elena Rivera and Eduardo Antuña in its cast, and filmed at the Ciudad Universitaria de Zaragoza, Rewind is a tribute to horror cinema of the 80s in which a young student will experience a Halloween night difficult to forget.

The Award to Rewind is the edition in DVD of the short film by Cameo along with one of the titles edited by this distributor on 2017.

Director: Rubén Pérez
Screenplay: Rubén Pérez Barrena, Jesús Miguel Quintana
Photography: Fran Fernández-pardo
Producer: Malena Carreras
FX: Marco Luis Hernández, Jesús D. Velázquez, Ángel Ajenjo
Make Up: Irene Tudela
Músic: Juanjo Javierre
Cast : Elena Rivera, Eduardo Antuña


Rewind wins the Filmin Award of Molins Horror

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