The most famous killer rabbit of horror genre has a brand new edition in Blu-Ray and DVD which is X rated. We are talking about the film Bunny the killer thing, by Joonas Makkonen, that we had at Molins Horror Film Festival 2015 at the Official Selection of Feature Films.

One of the more offensive horror comedies of Finish horror cinema history has been remastered by the Canadian distribution company Raven Banner. This edition is called “X-Rated Pussy Edition” and has, so you can guess the standard, a special cover in which a carrot is put on the place of the rabbit intimate parts. The edition has a lot of extras through which you can learn more about this disturbing film.

Nueva edición de Bunny The Killer Thing

This special edition has three discs and only on thousand copies have been edited, so, if you are a fan of this kind of horror, do not waste the opportunity to acquire a copy at Amazon, in iTunes this edition is simply prohibited.

Warning: the images of the movie can, and will, offend the sensitivity of some viewers.

You can now buy this limited edition at Amazon.

Nueva edición de Bunny The Killer Thing

New edition for Bunny The Killer Thing

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