The winner of the Best Movie Award of our Molins Horror Film Festival 2016, I am not Serial Killer, goes on sale in DVD and Blu-Ray version today, December 13th.

The director Billy O’Brien, who also won the Best Director award, brings us this splendid story of horror, a low budget film that focuses on having a good script with a story that impacts the viewer.

I am not Serial Killer a la venta

Starring Max Records (winner of the Best Actor Award), Laura Fraser and an great Christopher Lloyd (who, indeed, we missed a lot on the big screen), I am not a Serial Killer starts when John Wayne Cleaver, a dangerous 16 year-old young man who is obsessed with serial killers, tries to control his terrible and tempting impulses, therefore, he lives under strict rules for his own good and the security of the people around him. When a real monster appears in his city he must let out his dark side to protect it. However, his rules may be more dangerous than the beast he intends to kill.

Today the Blu-Ray and DVD version of this wonder of the Irish horror genre is released, which you can get through Amazon and other platforms. If you did not know what to buy for Christmas, you already have a great gift for the most cinephiles.

I am not Serial Killer a la venta

Original title: I Am Not a Serial Killer
Year: 2016
Timing: 104 min.
Nationality: Ireland
Director: Billy O’Brien
Screenplay: Christopher Hyde, Billy O’Brien (Novel: Dan Wells)
Music: Adrian Johnston
Photography: Robbie Ryan
Cast: Max Records, Christopher Lloyd, Laura Fraser, Karl Geary, Bruce Bohne, Matt Roy, Morgan Rysso, Ryan J. Gilmer, William Todd-Jones, Tim Russell, Joel Thingvall, Lucy Lawton, Molly Gearen, Sally-Anne Hunt, Emmylou Barden

I am not Serial Killer for sale

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