This Friday, two interesting proposals of Catalan horror cinema, Last Clip short film and the feature film Salvación, are being screened at the Cinemes Girona in Barcelona, both under the Cicle Preestrena Catalana.

Last Clip y Salvación en el Cicle Preestrena Catalana

El cinèfil in collaboration with Cinemes Girona of the city of Barcelona have decided to take a step forward and schedule a small cycle of cinema to let you know, before they reach the cinemas, some of the best films made in Catalonia. But this is not the only objective … They also want to promote the emerging film talent and along with these films we can see a short film, a type of film that, unfortunately, is difficult to see on the big screen outside festivals and specific events.

Below you can see the program of the Cicle Preestrena Catalana, that will always take place at 8pm at a price of € 5. All the directors and part of the team of the films and the selected shorts will present their work at the cinema and will answer the questions of the public after the projections.

Last Clip i Salvación al Cicle Preestrena Catalana

Apart from the short film Last Clip by Pau Carreté, this Friday you can also see the film Salvación, by Denise Castro:

Last Clip and Salvación at Cicle Preestrena Catalana

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