The next 21st of December will take place in more than 50 countries a celebration of the short film genre. The year shortest day is the best day to make a tribute to this short form of cinema. As you know, our Festival tries to emphasize the short films so we want to recommend you one of the main related events of our country that will also screen Quenottes by Pascal Thiebaux, winner of Molins Horror Film Festival 2016 Best Short Film Award.

We are talking about El día més curt, an event taking place in Barcelona in its fourth edition that takes place from the 14th to the 21st of December. Organized by Catalunya Film Festivals and Marvin & Waine, with the support of “Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya” and “Ajuntament de Barcelona”, El dia més curt pretends to bring you closer to a fan growing phenomena.

The main location for the event is the “Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona” (CCCB), but you can also enjoy side events at Zumzeig Cine and Candela Raval. In other cities like Palma de Mallorca, Puigcerdà, Reus or Tàrrega you can also enjoy performances related to El día mes curt.

El dia més curt

The screening of Quenottes will be the 20th of December at 8:45 pm. at the Hall of CCCB and along with the short film you will be offered a selection of the best short films form different festivals like Fascurt, MECAL or FILMETS, all members of the Coordinadora de Festivals de Catalunya.

At El día més curt you will find entertainment for kids, youngsters, adults and families within its different sections, Perles (to rediscover jewels of all time), Forward (the most daring and fresh proposals), (the most outstanding short film in Catalan nowadays) , En Familia (a selection for children) and Nit Bandarra (the most throbbing session, the most recent thread shorts).

So visit the schedule at its web page and do not hesitate to participate as it is absolutely free. See you there.

El día més curt

El dia més curt, the short film celebration

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