Now that the 2016 edition of the Molins Horror Film Festival has ended we want to help you to know better the members of our jury of this 35th edition of the MolinsHorror. We have asked each one the same 10 questions and for starters we offer you today the answers of Howard Gorman.

10 questions for a jury:

Howard Gorman

What is the first film you remember having watched in your life?

“Flash Gordon”

What is the best film ever?

“The Great Escape” and “La vita è bella”. I have to mention both.

What is your favourite horror film?


In your opinion, what is the best movie ending in the history of cinema?

“The Usual Suspects” and “Riders of The Lost Ark” are the most memorable to me.

A movie soundtrack you will never forget?


What do you think of remakes?

Always open to remakes. The are not usually better than the original but I am not anti-remakes at all thanks to films like “Let Me In” and “Evil Dead”.

What actor or actress would you bring back to life?

River Phoenix

Why should people attend to MolinsHorror?

It’s a Festival with a very warm and familiar environment and an experience very different from other festivals.

How has it been the experience of being a jury member in Terrormolins?

First af all, we have been all been treated so well. Also, being able to speak to peaple from very diverse backgrounds and experiences has been fun and enlightening at the same time.

What profesional project are you devoted to right now?

I am still dedicated to horror cinema journalism but now also, after released a short film at CryptTV, I am working on various projects as a scriptwriter (short films and feature films).



Howard Gorman: Journalist and screenplay writer born in Huddersfield who has lived in Bilbao for a long time. He usually writes in genre websites like Blumhouse, Rue Morgue, Dread Central, Shock Till You Drop or Tom Holland’s Terror Time. He represents Eli Roth’s Crypt TV in Spain.

Know the Jury of 2016: Howard Gorman

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