Now that the 2016 edition of the Molins Horror Film Festival has ended we want to help you to know better the members of our jury of this 35th edition of the MolinsHorror. We have asked each one the same 10 questions and for starters we offer you today the answers of Paco Fox.

10 questions for a jury:

Paco Fox

What is the first film you remember having watched in your life?

“Superman”, by Richard Donner

What is the best film ever?

“Local Hero”, by Bill Forsyth.

What is your favourite horror film?

“Suspiria”, by the disturbed Dario Argento

In your opinion, what is the best movie ending in the history of cinema?

Wow… that is difficult… To avoid being obvious, one from a not exceptional film, but with an ending taht deserves an ovation: ‘Greedy’, from the del never well thought out Jonathan Lynn. I am not going to make an spoiler, but I loved it.

A movie soundtrack you will never forget?

“Conan the barbarian”

What do you think of remakes?

They are better if the original film was irregular or has funding issues. If not, I do not get anry but I just sit back and say, as Tom Atkins did in ‘Night of the Creeps’, ¡SURPRISE ME!.

What actor or actress would you bring back to life?

Alec Guinness

Why should people attend to MolinsHorror?

For the proximity of the organization and the attendees.

How has it been the experience of being a jury member in Terrormolins?

Outstanding. A bit stressful as there were many movies to watch, but I loved chatting with the rest of the jury.

What profesional project are you devoted to right now?

Promoting ‘Cine Basura: La Peli’, my first and last film as director and main character, which opens in late winter or early spring.



Paco Rodríguez Prieto: Moviestar+’s person in charge. He has a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad de Sevilla, he also has a degree in Cinema Production at the ECAM. His artistic name is Paco Fox. At the moment he is preparing the première of his first film as a director, Cine Basura: La Peli..

Know the Jury of 2016: Paco Fox

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