We offer you a collection of photographs of the cast of Tod Browning’s Freaks, belonging to the private collection of the Swiss collector Enrico Praloran and compiled by Decaying Hollywood Mansions. Although the originals could be seen in the Museum of the Elysée of Lausanne (Switzerland) in an exhibition titled “La monstrueuse parade” (Freaks, parade of the monsters) of 2012, it is worth recovering them as a tribute to this tape that was cut, censored, forbidden and denigrated during thirty years.


Freaks’ was at our Molins Horror Film Festival years ago, being the surprise movie projected by our team within the 12-hour marathon. It’s a horror feature from the 1930s, when the genre cinema began to take its first steps in the audiovisual world and was looking for a place to settle.

Freaks narrates the life of Cleopatra, a beautiful trapeze artist who focuses her interest on the lilliputian Hans, a dwarf who works in the same circus as her performing as one of the deformed beings exhibited as phenomena. Hans is fascinated by the woman, although she only thinks of the money he has inherited. That is why he decides to marry him and poison his food in order to get the inheritance and then escape with his lover Hercules. However, the plot is discovered and Hans’s friends will do everything possible so Cleopatra does not achieve his goal.


The film that has served as inspiration to other feature films and series like ‘American Horror Story’, specifically the fourth season: Freak Show. The classic ‘Circus of Horrors’ El clásico ‘Circo de los Horrores’ begins with ‘Freaks’, mandatory film for all horror fans Highly recommended by Molins Horror Film Festival.

Original title: Freaks
Year: 1932
Genre: Drama, Terror
Length: 62 min.
Country: Unites States
Director: Tod Browning
Script: Willis Goldbeck, Leon Gordon, Edgar Allan Woolf, Hal Smith (Tod Robbins)
Cast: Wallace Ford, Olga Baclanova, Roscoe Ates, Henry Victor, Rose Dione, Daisy Earles, Olga Roderick, Prinee Randiant.


Freaks, photos from Tod Browning’s 1932 classic

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