The film that won the Audience Award at Molins Horror Film Festival 2015, Tubo Kid, presents a new comic to give us more details of the character of Skeletron. It is titled Skeletron Unleashed.

Turbo Kid continues giving us further details about its post-apocalyptic environment in its new comic, becoming more a guide to survival than a story proper. Its expanded universe already had a comic, and a mini prequel (a music video) based on the events that occurred in that first comic published.

Nuevo cómic de Turbo Kid: Skeletron Unleashed

This 2017, Turbo Kid has made another flashback to focus on a single character: Skeletron. This new comic focuses in the origin to this terrifying character that caused so much impact amongst the genre cinema-loving public. However, even ibeing new prequel, the story will follow in the footsteps of the story of the first comic. So, the expanded Turbo Kid universe continues to increase its material.

Nuevo cómic de Turbo Kid: Skeletron Unleashed

New Turbo Kid comic: Skeletron Unleashed

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