In two days we will be on the mythical date Friday the 13th, a sacred day for all of us fans of the horror genre thanks to the famous franchise starring that horrifying character, the immortal psychopathic killer Jason Voorhees. His exploits at the famed Crystal Lake summer camp are an inescapable part of the horror film history of the 1980s. We want to celebrate the closeness of that bloody date by bringing you the newly released trailer of Friday the 13th Part 3, the memorium documentary.

Viernes 13 parte III, trailer del documental

Friday the 13th part 3 is the only movie in the saga that was released in 3D, in 1982, and the first teaser of the documentary directed Kevin R. Phipps, where we will see the secrets of the shooting and the opinions of various team members who composed it, has been recently published. An in-depth study of one of the works that influenced the modern slasher horror films and, above all, of the character of Jason Voorhees. The documentary pays tribute to the late actor Richard Brooker, who gave life to Jason in this sequel and was the first person to wear the mythical hockey mask.

On Friday the 13th part 3, an idyllic summer is going to become the worst nightmare for another group of carefree young people on vacation. Ignoring the blood legacy of Crystal Lake camp, one by one they are victimized by the maniac Jason, who stalks them permanently.

Although there are already other documentaries on Friday the 13th as ‘His Name Was Jason‘ or ‘Crystal Lake Memories‘, this one is a deep look into of one of the best sequels of the saga, a tribute to the immense work of the actor already named, Richard Brooker, that passed away in 2013.

The film, directed by Steve Miner with script by Martin Kitrosser and Carol Watson, had a cast formed by Dana Kimmell, Tracie Savage, Paul Kratka, Larry Zerner, Jeffrey Rogers, Catherine Parks, Rachel Howard and David Katims, along with Richard Brooker. It premiered in August of 1982 in the United States arriving at Spain the 22nd of August 1983.

Viernes 13 parte III, trailer del documental

Friday the 13th Part III, documentary trailer

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