Today is Friday the 13th, date marked in bloody red on the calendar of every horror movie fan. To celebrate this special date for us we bring you an impressive poster collection of this classic by Sean S. Cunningham which is Friday the 13th.

Viernes 13, los mejores posters de la película de 1980
As for posters of the movie Friday the 13th, there are many and varied, but for us it is necessary to start with the first, original and iconic poster used to promote the film in its premiere in the United States, a magnificent work created by the designer Spiros Angelikas and the illustrator Alex Ebel:
Viernes 13, los mejores posters de la película de 1980

Now we offer you the best creations and poster versions of the movie Friday the 13th:

Artists: Matt Ryan, Adam Juresko, Alejandro Fernandez, Estevan Silveira, Amar Vijay, Billpyle, Irdezign, Jamie Boylan, Victor Moreno, Kevin Weldon, Mark Wesler, Vince Evans, Francesco Francavilla
We continue this trip through Camp Crystal Lake with the poster of the film in its Spanish version, less artistic at a visual level than the famous official international poster but also with a great impact load and a whole statement of intents:
Viernes 13, los mejores posters de la película de 1980
We want to emphasize the importance of this mythical tape for the Molins Horror Film Festival, as it was not only screened in the 1982 edition but, in addition, in the 2009 edition we had as a guest to the Festival the great Ari Lehman, the first Jason Voorhees. We even offered in that edition a rock concert the group First Jason, leaded by the actor himself, who played the original Jason in the 1980 film.

And as a final gift to finish celebrating this glorious and bloody Friday the 13th, we wish you a terrifying day and we offer you four amazing motion posters:


Friday the 13th, best posters for the 1980 film

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