The film that inspired the leitmotiv of the Molins Horror Film Festival 2016 for its 30th anniversary, Cronenberg’s The Fly, has a new edition of its Soundtrack after more than thirty years from the original release in 1986. Better late than never.

Again, for fans and collectors, we can enjoy the dark and sad songs with which David Cronenberg created his own story of Beauty and the Beast thanks to the re-edition, courtesy of Varèse Sarabande, of the vinyl with the themes of the famous film.

La Mosca, nueva edición en vinilo de la banda sonora

This new edition with only 2,000 copies made comes in a vinyl printed with a foggy effect tele-transporter green tone and has the following tracks:

1. Main Title (1:54)
2. Plasma Pool (1:54)
3. The Last Visit (2:25)
4. Stathis Enters (2:19)
5. The Phone Call (2:07)
6. Seth Goes Through (2:03)
7. Ronnie Comes Back (:54)
8. The Jump (1:20)
9. Seth And The Fly (2:20)
10. Particle Magazine (1:01)
11. The Armwrestle (:51)

1. Brundlefly (1:43)
2. Ronnie’s Visit (:35)
3. The Street (:43)
4. The Stairs (1:25)
5. The Fingernails (2:35)
6. Baboon Teleportation (:57)
7. The Creature (2:08)
8. Steak Montage (:59)
9. The Maggot / Fly Graphic (1:37)
10. Success With Baboon (:58)
11. The Ultimate Family (1:59)
12. The Finale (2:49)

The author of these melodies that managed to cause panic among the 80’s public is the great Howard Shore. This Canadian composer, from whom you have probably heard many of his compositions such as Seven, The Hobbit, The Departed, Lord of the Rings or Mrs. Doubtfire, deserves a place in our collections of horror so we can enjoy when we want the tremendous notes of one of the best mutant films in the history of cinema.

What better way to enjoy this classic than with this impressive new edition that you can also find also at soundstagedirect since last January 20th in pre-order.

Original title: THE FLY
Duration: 96 min
Director: David Cronenberg
Script: Charles Edward Pogue and David Cronenberg, based on a short story by George Langelaan
Music: Howard Shore
Cinematography: Mark Irwin
Editing: Ronald Sanders
Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz, Leslie Carlson, George Chuvalo, David Cronenberg, Joy Boushel, Michael Copeman.

Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis star as Seth Brundle, a self-involved research scientist, and Veronica Quaife, a science-magazine reporter. Inviting Veronica to his lab, Seth prepares to demonstrate his “telepod,” which can theoretically transfer matter through space. As they grow closer over the next few weeks, she inadvertently goads Seth into experimenting with human beings rather than inanimate objects. Seth himself enters the telepod, preparing to transmit himself through the ether — but he doesn’t know that he is sharing the telepod with a fly.

La Mosca, nueva edición en vinilo de la banda sonora

The Fly, new soundtrack vinyl edition

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