Here’s Paco Ruiz’s BA Dissertation Project. Among other things, Paco is the director of the excellent advertisements that we use at the Festival every year. We are referring to Insidia, a fiction short film produced by ESCAC Films, directed by Paco himself and led for Albert Baró and Pau Poch.


Insidia is a genre short film in which the atmosphere and the treatment of suspense become protagonists. There are many features leading to classical westerns, but the director intends to go further by filling the film with personal and basic emotions that start out in an isolated village in the Pyrenees.

Insidia deals with family burdens and how we can go beyond our moral limits and leave our human self aside just because of those burdens. There is a thin red line that reverts civilization into barbarism.

Pyrenees, 1888. After fleeing from the villagers who were after them, Silo and his brother Bruno begin a trip across the forests in order to start a new life. Tired of getting away every time Bruno commits a mistake, Silo has a moral dilemma that will change their lives for ever.

Insidia depicts an endless threat. A hidden feeling that stalks the protagonist. An invading, manipulating and inquisitive society. All these elements show up in the middle of a deep, dark and gloomy forest where nothing is what it is supposed to be and where the protagonists will see the reflection of their deepest hidden fears.

The action is set in the end of the Spanish 19th century and the shooting is scheduled for next February 8th till 20th at the Pineta Valley (Huesca). More than 1,300m high and surrounded by the Parque Natural de Ordesa mountains. In the middle of enless beech, pines and fir trees forests.


A few weeks ago, Insidia opened a Verkami fund raising where everybody can make their contributions to this excellent project. The money raised will cover expenses connected with technical issues, dressing and costumes, make up and lodging costs for all the staff whichin volves more than a dozen people.

All your donations, ranging from 10€ to 500€, will have their rewards that range from appearing in the credit titles to the possibility of attending the shooting of the film. Check the Verkami link for detailed information.

Influenced by the acclaimed The Witch or the Oscar awarded The Revenant; Insidia will definitely raise all kinds of comments. Do not miss the chance of becoming part of the project that is to be presented during summer 2017.

Insidia, a short film by Paco Ruiz

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