A new international trailer has been published for the film We go on from directors Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton. We had the pleasure of screening the film at Molins Horror Film Festival’s last edition as one of the participant feature films of the 2016 Official Selection.

We go on nos ofrece un nuevo trailer

The trailer that we present you today comes through joblo and has been created Jonathan Holm to promote the para american debut of the film in DVD and Blu-Ray, which will be on April the 4th thanks to Lightyear Entertainment and distributed by Momentum Pictures and Sony Home Entertainment.

Original Title: We Go On
Year: 2016
Timing: 89 min
Nationality: USA
Director: Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton
Screen play: Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton
Music: Andy Mitton
Photography: Jeffrey Waldron
Cast: David Bickford, Justin Carpenter, Norio Chalico, Jay Dunn, Cassidy Freeman, Clark Freeman, Edwin Garcia II, John Glover, Laura Heisler, Clem Jeffreys, Terry Kaye, Logan Kishi, Peter Lucas, Mike Lynch, Matt McLeod, Ron McPherson

Miles Grissom lives in dread of dying. He offers an important reward to whom can show whether there is a life after death or, on the contrary, death is the real end.

We go on

We go on delivers a new trailer

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