Starting from today we can enjoy in our homes of the Blu Ray or DVD edition of one of the films that has aroused more favorable comments while going through the European Film Festivals and of course was at our Molins Horror Film Festival: The Neon Demon.

Nicolas Winding Refn, director of Drive and Only God Forgives, has created a thriller/horror masterpiece that follows the life of Jesse, a girls that arrives to Los Angeles to make her dream come true: become a supermodel. Her youth and beauty though will son rise the Demon and she will find herself trapped into a dangerous world of envy and jealousy in which models are willing to do anything necessary to succeed.

Winding Refn turns the incredible and luxurious fashion business into a little gothic tale where beauty is the only thing that matters and to achieve it everything is accepted. Do not miss the chance to acquire this excellent film in its home edition if you consider yourself to be a cinema fanatic.

The Neon Demon en DVD y Blu-Ray

Original Title: The Neon Demon
Year: 2016
Timing: 118 min.
Nationality: Unites States
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Screenplay: Nicolas Winding Refn, Mary Laws i Polly Stenham
Music: Cliff Martinez
Photography: Natasha Braier
Cast: Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves, Karl Glusman

The Neon Demon, de Nicolas Winding Refn

The Neon Demon on DVD and Blu-Ray

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