John Carpenter has just officially announced in his Facebook account and in his Twitter account also that the new Halloween movie, now in production, will be premiered the 19th of October of 2018.

John Carpenter pone fecha a la nueva HalloweenMolins Horror Film Festival has a long lasting relation with the figure of this brilliant horror cinema filmmaker. It started in 1982 when we screened the original Halloween film, but along the more tan 40 years since the creation of TerrorMolins Festival we have also had films like Cigarrette Burns and Body Bags in 2006 or Vampires in 2010, also from Carpenter.

We’re going back to the origins. I thought that we had lost track and maybe the new versión went somewhere it should not have gone. Michael Myers is not a character, it’s a forcé of nature. He is not a person: he is half supernatural and half human. If you get far from that and try to explain his origins you are lost. So we can get back on track.” John Carpenter

The famous creator of the Halloween franchise, that in the new movie will act as executive producer and conselor, will work with David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, who will créate the script. Gordon Green will also direct the film. The project will be produced by Blumhouse Pictures, a company with special focus in what we passionately love, horror genre.

38 years after the original movie, I am goning to make the 10th sequel the most terrifying up to date.” John Carpenter

Jason Blum himself, founder and leader of Blumhouse, tweeted today a picture about this topic:

John Carpenter on the new Halloween

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