Chad Archibald, director of Bite, which we had at our Molins Horror Film Festival 2015 and that was awarded with the Best Actress Award for the film, is preparing his new feature film with Cody Calahan and with Christopher Giroux producing: The Heretics.

The Heretics es lo nuevo de Chad Archibald

Both directors and producers are part of the Canadian production company Black Fawn Films, which in collaboration with Breaktrough Entertainment started a Project to produce eight horror feature films to be distributed on festivals around the world and, of possible, also in cinemas to maximize their impact and earnings. Some of the films that are part of this Project are The Sublet, Antisocial, The Drownsman, Bed of the Dead, the mentioned Bite and Let Her Out, which we enjoyed at MolinsHorror 2016.

Recently these two companies have released the first poster for The Heretics, directed by Archibald, and focused on a captive girl chased by an obscure cult. The man holding her captive has to protect her until the sunrise but, during the night, she will get mortally ill. While her family and Friends look for her, the source of her illness will be revealed. She is not sick… she is becoming something else.

The Heretics will be present at Berlin film market starting today the 14th of February to, afterwards, make its journey around the international festivals circuit. Filmed in Canada, the film has in its cast the actress Nina Kiri, who we recently saw in the mentioned Let Her Out.

The Heretics es lo nuevo de Chad Archibald


Original title: The Heretics
Director: Charles Archibald
Cast: Nina Kiri, Jorja Cadence, Ry Barrett, Nina Richmond, Will King, Colin Price, Julie C. Sheppard.
Music: Steph Copeland


The Heretics is Chad Archibald’s new project

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