The Chilean director Patricio Valladares, who was in charge of Downhill, present at last year’s Molins Horror Film Festival Feature Films Official Selection, will return to the big screen with Nightworld, una Bulgarian production with Robert Englund –yes, you are Reading it right, the one and only Freddy Krueguer- amongst its cast.

The story is set in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, where a former Los Angeles police officer finds a job as head of security in an old apartment building and begins to witness strange and bizarre events. Then he decides to take action on the matter to find out all the secrets hidden by the building.

Apart from Robert Englund, who has been working in several low Budget films recently like the thriller Kantemir ot the horror comedy The Funhouse Massacre, in the film cast we can find Gianni Capaldi, Lorina Kamburova and Jason London. We present you today with a non oficial tráiler and the first posters of Nightworld, movie produced by Open Frames and Global Group that we hope can bring back the best Mr. Englund thanks to Patricio Valladares.

Robert Englund en lo nuevo de Patricio Valladares

Robert Englund will be in Patricio Valladares’ next film

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