At last, today we are announcing the official dates for the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival which, once again, is going to take ten days after last year’s extension. We also announce the leitmotiv for our HorrorMolins’s 2017 edition.


TERRORMOLINS 2017: November 10th – 19th.

TerrorMolins 2017: fechas y leitmotiv


“We want to thank Haneke for his painful ability to reinvent the horror genre, for crossing the boundaries of morality, for exploring the darkest fields of this sickly and helpless society. He starts out with cinema approaches that combine extreme quality and the deepest reflections on the insane and hideous behaviour of human nature. This year, the French-Austrian director of the two versions of Funny Games, as well as Benny’s Video, Caché and Amour, is celebrating his 75th birthday, a major event that we could not obviate from Horror Molins. This time, the festival will question, more than ever, where the edge of horror is, where can everyday life stop being ordinary when someone reaches the top of their creaziness and distress. Welcome to the great Michael Haneke’s deranged world.”

Albert Galera. Arts Director – Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival.


Last year, the festival focused on mutations, the year before on phobias. The 2017 edition will focus on the leitmotiv Haneke or the edge of horror with a clear intention of exploring the limits of horror cinema which, year after year, expand and rebuild the rules of the genre.


There is nothing more personal than evaluating the fear that someone suffers or enjoys as a member of the audience when they watch a particular film. Whehter they watch a thriller, suspense, detective or pure horror film, every viewer lives it in their own way conditioned by their personality, temper or moment perception. Everyone of us can express their own sensations in connection with a passage, a frame or a scene. That is the reason why it is so difficult to establish a sharp limit to what horror really is.


Moreover, depending on our own experiences a film can spark horrific sensations by bringing back the memory of a particular moment, experience or particular situation. Every fan of horror, the genre which we love, will have wondered at least once in their lifetime what horror is and what horror is not. That is to say, about the limits of the genre. Above all, we love horror films and there is no doubt that this debate promises to be really thrilling.
TerrorMolins 2017: fechas y leitmotiv
Join us in the exploration of this controversial concept. We count on you to discuss and reflect about the leitmotif of the 2017HorrorMolins: The edge of horror.

Molins Film Festival 2017: dates and leitmotiv

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