Nicolas Pesce tiene nueva película de terrorFor those of you that loved The Eyes of my Mother, which we had in at MolinsHorror’s last edition and that was widely awarded at festivals around the world, we have good news. The director of the film, Nicolas Pesce, that won the Golden Critics Award at our Festival, has a new horror project: Piercing.

Based on the 1994 novel by Ryu Murakami (Audition), Pesce produces, writes and directs this horror film that will star our beloved Laia Costa (Cites, Palmeras en la nieve, Tengo ganas de ti). Mia Wasikowska, Christoper Abbott, Maria Dizza, Wendell Pierce and Martin Ireland will also be in the cast.

Piercing follows the story of a man (Abbott) who leaves his wife and daughter at home as he says he’s heading on a business trip. However, he checks into a hotel and calls an escort service with the intention of killing the unsuspecting call girl, played by Wasikowska. After arriving at his room, the seductive and enigmatic prostitute manages to hinder his plan of killing her.

Memento Films International and BorderLine Films are presenting the film, produced by UTA Independent Film Group, at the Berlin Film Festival. The producers of the film are Josh Mond, Antonio Campos and Schuyler Weiss of Borderline Films along with Jacob Wasserman. Executive producers are Sean Durkin (Borderline Films), Max Born & Avi Stern, Emilie Georges & Naima Abed (Memento Films International / Paradise City), Al Di (YL Pictures) & Phil Hoelting.

Nicolas Pesce tiene nueva película de terror

Nicolas Pesce has a new horror movie

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