This weekend, if you are in Madrid and you love fantastic cinema, pay attention to the schedule Syfy has prepared to fill the city with horror, monsters and blood, a lot of blood.

‘Logan‘, the long awaited goodbye of Hugh Jackman as Lobezno, has been premiered on day prior to its cinema debut for the assisstants to the opening of this fourteenth edition. But that will not be the only premiere, as the event will finish the 5th of March with ‘Kong: Skull Island’, the return of the famous beast thanks to Warner and that we will soon see facing Godzilla on the big screen.

Today Friday very different films will be screened, from ‘Worry Dolls’, that tells the story of the legacy of a serial killer that is still alive even after his dead. Afterwards will come ‘Seoul Station’, the animated prequel of ‘Train to Busan’ (which you could see at our Molins Horror Film Festival) which, even though it does not tell about the story of the original film, will be a great time for zombie fans. The premier of ’47 Meters Down’ and the western ‘Stop Over in Hell’ will com next and the day will finish with a film filled with killer klowns starring Robert Englund (whose next project we discovered recently), ‘The Funhouse Massacre’.

Saturday will start with ‘La vida de Calabacín’, nominated to the Oscars. And after will be the time for ‘I am not a serial Killer’, a horror film about the obsession of a teenager for serial killers. Remember that the film, starring Christopher Lloyd, was awarded Best Film, Best Director for Billy O’Brien and Best Actor for the young Max Records at MolinsHorror 2016.

Also on Saturday you have a very special film, ‘Pet‘, a dark and horrifying love story directed by Carles Torrens and starring Dominic Monaghan (yes, Merry from ‘The lord of the rings’). And the day will end with the violent and bloody ‘31’ by Rob Zombie.

On Sunday, the last day, there will be a morning session for children featuring ‘The never ending story’, and in the afternoon the surprising ‘Lake Bodom’, which we also had the pleasure to screen at our Molins Horror Film Festival. Afterwards will come ‘Raw’ (the famous film that caused faintings at Toronto’s Festival) and ‘Your Name’, an animated japanese movie.

If you like, apart from fantastic, horror cinema do not miss the chance to see on the big screen the shining winner of MolinsHorror 2016, ‘I am not a serial Killer’.

Dos títulos del TerroMolins en la 14a Muestra SyFy

Two films from TerrorMolins at the 14th Muestra SyFy

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