Darling was our first film confirmed for the last MolinsHorror 2016 edition, and today we bring exiting news about one of its director new projects: Psychopaths. Mickey Keating writes and directs his fifth feature film which was shooted in Los Angeles and is now in post-production.

The film stars Jeff Daniel Phillips (The Ice Cream Truck; 31; Halloween II), Ashley Bell (Carnage Park; The Day; The Last Exorcism and sequel), Angela Trimbur (Trash Fire; The Final Girls), James Landry Hébert (Ghost House; Carnage Park), Helen Rogers (Darling; Body; V/H/S), Matt Mercer (Beyond the Gates; The Mind’s Eye; Contracted and sequel), Mark Kassen, Jeremy Gardner (The Mind’s Eye; The Battery; Spring) and Padraig Reynolds (director of The Devil’s Dolls; Rites of Spring) amongst others, and it is describes as a sprawling, psychedelic ensemble piece that follows several serial killers over the course of a single night.

Keating directed last year, apart from Lauren Ashley Carter’s Darling, the horror movies Pod and Carnage Park, which premiered at the Sundance Festival.

Psychopaths was acquired by Lionsgate and is produced by Mickey Keating himself, along with William Day Frank, Al Lewison, Cam McLellan and Jenn Wexler, Larry Fessenden and Sean Fowler handle the executive production of this film that will be present at Tribeca Film Festival’s 2017 Midnight section, which features psychological thrillers, horror, sci-fi, and cult cinema.

Here you can see the poster for Psychopaths:

Psychopaths es lo nuevo de Mickey Keating

Psychopaths is Mickey Keating’s latest

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