We are proud to echo the news of the presentation at the Festival de Malaga of the last film from director Haritz Zubillaga, El ataúd de cristal, as part of a collaboration between Sitges Film Festival and Festival de Malaga.

Zubillaga was awarded with the Best Short Film in our Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival 2008 for his short film Las horas muertas, which he also wrote.

In the next edition of the TerrorMolins, in 2009, the director from Bilbao was a member of our Official Selection Jury along with Cristina Campos, Lucina Gil, Jimmy Barnatán, Xavier Rubí and Ari Lehman, and afetrward, in 2012, he was awarded with the FILMIN Best Short Film Award for She’s lost control.

As always, it is a pleasure to follow the evolution of directors as linked to our TerrorMolins as Haritz Zubillaga and even more when related to festivals from our homeland like the famous Sitges Film Festival.

Sitges and Malaga festivals have celebrated together their respective anniversaries with the projection of two titles of the last edition of the Sitges Film Festival, the Spanish El ataúd de cristal and the Mexican 1974. The first, a co-production of Basque Films and the Catalan production company Life & Pictures, has been presented by its director, Haritz Zubillaga, the co-writer Aitor Eneriz and the leading actress Paola Bontempi. The film by Zubillaga -who has been named by Variety magazine as one of the talents to follow in Spanish cinema – follows a single character in a claustrophobic setting during a single night.

Haritz Zubillaga at Festival de Málaga

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