A few weeks ago we announced the dates and the rules for the XXXVI edition of the Molins Horror Film Festival, and today we proudly present you with the poster for this years’s edition.

As you know the leitmotiv of this edition is Haneke of the edge of horror and without doubt the Funny Games movies (1997+2007) and their director are a reference in the horror genre. This year is the tenth and twentyeth anniversary of the movies and the 75th anniversary of Haneke and the Festival will pay tribute to the famous director.

For the sixth consecutive year Maite Pascual is responsible for the design of the Festival’s poster. It is based on a scene from the beginning of the film that as an allegory of the future of the main characters.

In Funny Games, Haneke, once again, takes advantage of everydayness to trigger a visceral and disturbing plot filled with brutality. In doing so he demonstrates that the most terrifying horror can be fonund closer than expected.
Hanekes’ film has become without doubt a genre cult movie and we did not want to miss the chance to pay tribute to this masterpiece with our official 2017 edition poster. In our opinion the film, which does not give us any chance for contemplations, includes most of the elements that need to be in a good horror movie.

Cartel TerrorMolins 2017

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MolinsHorror 2017 Poster

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